Myra 2085
Spouse(s) Reg
First appearance 25th March 1981
Number of appearances 1
Played by Barbara Waddington

Myra was a guest at Mike Baldwin's flat-warming party in March 1981. She was invited along with Reg, a buyer who Mike had dealt with previously and who was invited with a view to further business with Baldwin's Casuals. There appeared to be both a difference in ages and also outlooks between the two and Myra made it quite clear that she found life with her husband to be uneventful, complaining that she needed a holiday but she might as well be miserable at home with him rather than in Majorca. She knocked back one drink after another and agreed to join Mike and some of the others at the Panda Club afterwards if there was plenty of booze available. By that time Reg was asleep propped up against a wall and Myra said that he was a silly old sod who they could leave behind for all she cared.

Barbara Waddington, who played Myra, is the daughter of Bill Waddington who played Percy Sugden between 1983 and 1997.

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