NICU Midwife
NICU Midwife
Occupation NICU Midwife/Nurse
First appearance 9th December 2010
Last appearance 31st January 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sohm Kapila

The NICU Midwife was on duty at Weatherfield General when the Street was rocked by an explosion from The Joinery bar, followed by a derailed tram from the wrecked viaduct in December 2010.

The shock of the incident brought on premature labour for Fiz Stape’s baby and Dr Carter realised as a result of his examination that she needed to taken to hospital quickly otherwise the baby would die. After the birth, the baby was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit where midwife asked Fiz and husband John if they had thought of a name yet. When given the answer "Hope", she made out a tag with the chosen name.

She was also present when Fiz visited Hope on one occasion in January 2011.

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