Naila Badal was a journalist employed by the Weatherfield Gazette who came to Nick's Bistro on a Monday night in July 2013 when they attempted their first - and only - student night.

Naila made it quite clear from the moment that she walked through the door that she wasn’t pleased to be there, telling co-owner and evening organiser Leanne Tilsley that thanks to her “sleeze of a boss” she wasn’t covering the big stories and asked for a “massive” dry white wine. After taking desultory notes, she said her goodbyes, saying that her story would probably appear among the used car ads or next to a picture of a dog that looked like Wayne Rooney. However the night was young…

Nick Tilsley’s half-brother David Platt had discovered that his wife Kylie and Nick had had a Christmas Day fling and was out for his revenge. Finding out that there was a journalist on the premises, David made an anonymous phone call to the police that there was drug dealing taking place in the bistro and they despatched two officers to investigate. Naila’s eyes lit up as a search ensued, telling Mary Taylor that her boss would be fuming as she would be going back with a scoop and she made diligent notes when she heard Kylie’s admission that she used to be a cage dancer. She begged Nick for a soundbite and asked for his age, saying it looked better in a sentence such as “The Accused, 37….”

When the story appeared, it put the bistro in a bad light, leading to booking cancellations and causing a rift between Nick and Leanne, which was just as David had intended.

She next came after a story in April 2015 when the paper was tipped off by Julie Carp that Sean Tully and his boyfriend Billy Mayhew had been turned out of a Peak District pub for being gay. She bumped into Sean in the Corner Shop who was horrified that the press were on to the story as Billy was the local vicar and not all of his parishioners knew of his relationship. He walked out of the shop saying that he didn't want to be part of a newspaper story and Leanne Tilsley backed him up by sending Naila on her way.

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The character was credited as just "Naila" for her first two appearances.

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