Nancy Potter
Died pre-1974
Spouse(s) Robert Potter
Children Audrey Potter (1940)
Played by Unseen

Nancy Potter was the wife of Robert, mother of Audrey and maternal grandmother of Stephen Reid and Gail McIntyre.

Nancy and her husband Robert were strict with only child Audrey, thrusting responsibility upon her from a young age. When their daughter became pregnant at sixteen in 1956, the Potters were horrified, and accepted an offer from close friends and neighbours Joyce and Malcolm Reid to adopt the child and raise him as their own.

When their daughter became pregnant again two years later with Gail, the Potters didn't give the child away. Nancy and Robert took care of their granddaughter most of the time as Audrey didn't show much of a interest in motherhood.

Nancy and Robert died before Gail's debut on the street in 1974.

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