Natalie 1990 character
First appearance 7th March 1990
Last appearance 9th March 1990
Number of appearances 2
Played by Christine Morris

Natalie was Tina Fowler's flatmate. Natalie's only appearance in Coronation Street came in March 1990, when she attended Tina's hen night at the Rovers.

After the groom, Eddie Ramsden, turned up and told Tina the wedding was off, Natalie looked after Tina by staying up with her in the flat. The next day, Tina's employer Bet Gilroy called at the flat asking after Tina, as she hadn't turned into work. Natalie offered a few suggestions as to her whereabouts and agreed to phone Bet when she turned up.

A few days later, the girls went on holiday to Cyprus so that Tina could put the memory of Eddie behind her.

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