Nathan 2012
Occupation Car dealer
First appearance 13th February 2012
Last appearance 13th February 2012
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jonathan Ojinnaka

Nathan was a cousin of Kirsty Soames and a dealer in expensive cars. She met up with him for a coffee in a bar and was followed by Tommy Duckworth who was suspicious that she was having an affair behind Tyrone Dobbs's back. With Tina McIntyre's encouragement, Tommy reported what he had seen back to Tyrone who confronted Kirsty when she returned home, saying that he even had suspicions that the baby she was carrying wasn't even his. Outraged, Kirsty rang Nathan and got him to call out their house. He turned up in an expensive Ferrari and she introduced him, telling Tyrone that the car was planned to have been hired for his use the next day as a Valentine's present. Instead, she and Nathan took off in it as Tyrone stammered out a contrite apology. He ended up proposing marriage to show her how truly sorry he was.

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