Nathan Cooper
Occupation Mechanic
First appearance 1st April 2005
Last appearance 19th July 2006
Duration 2005-2006
Number of appearances 99
Played by Ray Fearon

Nathan Cooper (previously Harding) first appeared in April 2005 when Kevin Webster was looking for a new mechanic, following the death of Tommy Harris. Nathan left after breaking up with his girlfriend Frankie Baldwin largely to do with the fact her ex-husband, Danny Baldwin was still in the picture. In his final scene he punched Danny as he left the cobbles. He had previously romanced factory machinist Joanne Jackson and Tracy Barlow, he also enjoyed a brief flirtation with hairdresser Maria Sutherland in the Rovers. His fiery temperament was revealed when he almost blinded Ashley Peacock when they argued over their women while giving him boxing lessons.

First and last linesEdit

"Nice hotel! is there a mini-bar?" (First line, to Tracy Barlow)


"You are so welcome to her, pal. You really do deserve each other... Mug!" (Final line, to Danny Baldwin)

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