Nathaniel lumley
Nathaniel Lumley
Spouse(s) Bertha Lumley
Children Freda Todd
First appearance 26th July 1976
Last appearance 4th August 1976
Number of appearances 3
Played by Eric Longworth

Nathaniel "Nat" Lumley was the husband of Bertha Lumley, Albert Tatlock's bingo partner in 1976.

Nat was tall and imposing but nevertheless found the atmosphere at home so unbearable when his bingo-loving wife was on a losing streak that he encouraged Bertha's "lucky charm" Albert to keep on taking Bertha to the bingo, even offering to cover his expenses (he wouldn't go with her himself as he hated bingo). Albert had been worried after hearing that Nat was looking for him as he had reportedly threatened to kill the next man Bertha picked up at the bingo and was so relieved that he agreed to take Bertha to the bingo twice a week.

A few weeks later, Nat learned that they had shared a kiss and confronted Albert at 1 Coronation Street to protect his wife's honour. Albert was ready for a fight but Ena Sharples separated the pair and accused them of acting like lads. Nat mocked Albert for hiding behind a woman and left, apparently satisfied with the outcome.

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