Navigation street

Ruth Winter and Jerry Booth take Ena Sharples to her new home...

Navigation Street was the site of one of the 1960s tower blocks that replaced terraced houses in Weatherfield as in so many other places in Britain during that period.

In May 1966, Ruth Winter and Jerry Booth brought Ena Sharples to Navigation Street to show her a flat on the 11th floor of the tower block where the council was offering to house her. Ena had refused to move back to the Glad Tidings Mission Hall following refurbishments and Ruth's appointment as a social worker there. When the car pulled up in Navigation Street, Ena was immediately scathing of her surroundings, calling it the worst street this side of the gasworks. Used to living at ground level, Ena said she'd rather live in a bus shelter. A kindly Jerry Booth took her in as a housekeeper at his and Len Fairclough's home at 15 Mawdsley Street, much to his friend's surprise...

The street was seen in Episode 565 (11th May 1966). The location filming for the flat was carried out at Clifford Court, Clayton Close in Hulme, Manchester.

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