Ned was the van driver who worked for bailiff Mr. Riding when he repossessed Elsie Tanner's furniture in April 1963 for non-payment of rent. Assisted by Vinnie and two other men, he had a cheerful attitude to his job and easily swatted off the barbs from Elsie and the neighbours. When Elsie told him to be careful with a chair because it had been recovered at Christmas, he responded by asking which Christmas she meant. He also asked her to take her "clobber" i.e. clothing, out of drawers before he took those and he wouldn't be embarrassed to see them as he'd lived, being a married man. Appreciative of the audience of neighbours who had gathered to watch, he suggested giving them a tune on the spoons! When Elsie was told pressmen were on the way, she told Riding he could have the back rent as she'd made her point. Ned realised he and his colleagues would have to unload the van again but asked Vinnie to get him them a couple of pies first from the Corner Shop, causing Florrie Lindley to loudly proclaim that she wouldn't serve them.

The character was credited as "Van Driver" although his first name was given in dialogue.