Ned Logan
Occupation Drayman
First appearance 18th August 1969
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan Partington

Ned Logan was a drayman who delivered to the Rovers at a bad time for Annie Walker, some of which was very much of her own making.

Betty Turpin had begun working at the pub a few weeks before, recruited by Jack Walker. Annie didn’t feel she was suited behind the bar and wanted her fired for reasons of incompatibility. Jack at first refused but eventually gave in, only to go on a previously-booked bowling holiday. When Lucille Hewitt refused to alter her social plans and help Annie, she found herself working alone. Hilda Ogden didn’t help matters by claiming to have sinus problems and Annie had to act as cleaner as well. Ned delivered when Annie was trying to take a call on the newly-installed bar phone extension, whilst cleaning, and literally kicked over her bucket of mop water. It was something of the last straw for Annie and, whilst not exactly crawling on hands and knees to Betty, she did offer a form of apology and Mrs Turpin smugly returned to her place behind the bar.

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