Neighbour (Episode 6581)
First appearance 22nd June 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Denice Hope

Following the house fire that broke out at 4 Coronation Street in May 2007, Claire Peacock was adamant that a young woman named Casey Carswell - who she'd recently befriended through her involvement on a telephone Crisis Helpline - was responsible. However both husband Ashley and the police failed to take her accusations seriously as Claire couldn't prove that Casey existed, until the Peacocks had a set of photographs developed in June.

After a passing conversation with co-worker and Street Cars driver Steve McDonald, he mentioned to Claire that he'd dropped her "friend" off outside a block of flats the previous day. Armed with this information, the Peacocks raced round to the tower block in order to confront Casey and get her to confess to removing the couple's son Freddie from their home before deliberately starting the fire.

However, with the door number of Casey's flat unknown, Claire was adamant that she would knock on every single door in the block to find her. A Neighbour at flat number 3 answered her door and after Claire gave her a brief description of Casey, the unhelpful woman claimed she'd never heard of her and promptly closed the door in the Peacocks' faces.

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