Neil 2013
Occupation Insurance worker
First appearance 12th August 2013
Last appearance 15th August 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Simon Hepworth

Neil was a man who Sally Webster went out with on a disastrous date after meeting him on an internet chat room. He turned out to be a bore from hell, obsessed with his job in insurance and coming out with gems such as there being "nothing like a catastrophic event to really get my juices flowing."

Sally tried to find some common ground for other topics of conversation but gave up. When Neil took her home to 4 Coronation Street after their meal out, Neil asked to be invited in but Sally gave him a curt brush-off. Neil told her it was the third time in a month that this had happened to him and put the blame on the website. A listening Tim Metcalfe took great satisfaction in overhearing the conversation and when Neil had departed inveigled his way in with a relieved Sally with a four-pack of lager.

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