Neil (Episode 6522)
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 28th March 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter Rylands

Neil was a client of Leanne Battersby (under the alias of "Rachel") when she was working as a prostitute. The pair had met in upmarket Adriano's Restaurant in March 2007 and were discussing the "agency fees", when Leanne's stepmother Janice turned up to give Leanne her bag which she had left behind outside Underworld that morning. Janice kidded on with the older gentleman that the bag contained a whip and rubber balaclava, which Leanne couldn't work without and that there was a special offer on every Wednesday - two for one. Janice did hit a nerve with Neil though when she pointed out that the reason he was using the service was because his wife didn't understand him. Embarrassed, and stating that he knew it wouldn't work out, Neil beat a hasty retreat.

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