Neptune house

Building logo above entrance

Neptune House was an office block in Weatherfield where the Clarion Group newspaper corporation was based. In 1988, Nick Cavanagh bought Bob Statham's majority share of the Weatherfield Recorder and moved the paper into Neptune House.

In July of that year, the Clarion Group went into receivership and the offices were locked up. After finding out that Cavanagh never paid Statham for his share of the Recorder and therefore never owned it, the paper's co-owner Ken Barlow and Nick's daughter Fiona broke into the offices to get the paste-ups, risking police action should they be caught. This allowed them to get that week's edition out, saving the paper. By the following week, the receivers had established Ken's ownership of the Recorder and allowed him into the offices. After buying Statham's share, Ken rented premises on Curzon Street.

The outside of the building appeared in Episode 2844 (4th July 1988). The Recorder office during this phase of its existence was never seen.

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