The unnamed Neurosurgeon based at Weatherfield General was in charge of Tina McIntyre's care following a vicious assault by Rob Donovan in May 2014. Initially her prognosis was looking promising, however Tina's condition rapidly deteriorated and the neurosurgeon advised Rita Tanner, David Platt and Steph Britton that Tina would be taken to the operating theatre. Sadly, Tina died from a result of her injuries and the neurosurgeon reported the awful news of her death, leaving Rita heartbroken.

Eight months later, the same neurosurgeon operated on Sinead Tinker when she suffered severe spinal injuries in a minibus crash. After she came out of the operating theatre, the surgeon told Chesney Brown and Beth Tinker that the operation had gone well but couldn't tell them when she would be up and about again. A few days later, he ran tests on Sinead, touching her legs with a pen to test whether she was regaining any feelings there. To her great excitement, Sinead could briefly feel sensation in her legs. After much progress and many physio sessions, the surgeon assessed Sinead fit to go home.

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