Nev was a crook who sold twenty-five food mixers to Tracy Barlow to sell on in Barlow's Buys. Soon afterwards, Tony Stewart told her that the items were in the paper in a story about their theft from a warehouse during which a security guard was badly coshed. When Nev called in again later, Tracy demanded her money back from him and threatened him with the police, upon which he pinned her against the wall. Tony came to her rescue and Tracy used the opportunity of the diversion for a quick knee to Nev's vitals. She emptied his wallet and Tony's presence sent Nev on his way.

Tony later met up with Nev in his van: the whole set-up was a scam to try and persuade Tracy that Tony should be let in on her business. Tony ripped into Nev, telling him he'd messed things up and offered him another opportunity to get back at Tracy but Nev wasn't interested, saying he was staying "well clear of that vicious cow". Tony however paid him money to break into the shop and wreck the stock. As Tracy wasn't insured, she had no choice but to let Tony buy into the business with a 50/50 partnership.

Four months later, the position had changed: Tony was now in a secret relationship with Tracy and the two of them were plotting to con the Rovers from Steve and Liz McDonald. Steve had already been persuaded to sell his half-share to a front company that Tony owned and he now started to turn the screws on Liz. He paid Nev and another thug, Rik, to go into the pub and cause trouble. The two were deliberately rude to Liz and when Nev demanded that his bottle of beer was changed because it was flat, she refused. He dropped his bottle on the floor and she told them to leave but they attacked her instead, with Tony coming to the rescue and putting on a heroic act for her benefit. He then started to drip poison in her ear, suggesting that a life in Spain would be less stressful for her, in an attempt to get her to sell.

Two months later, Nev and Rik confronted Tracy in her shop and demanded to know where Tony was and revealed that he owed them money. Tracy's ex-husband Robert Preston overheard the commotion and intervened, threatening Nev and Rik with violence if they hurt Tracy and they quickly left.

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