Neville was an ice cream man and a friend of Michael Rodwell's. He felt that there was no future for him in Weatherfield after the collapse of his marriage to Gail and the failure of his relationship with Eileen Grimshaw. With plans to spend the summer season in Brighton, he inspected Neville's van with a view to purchasing it. Neville boasted of the fact that it was state of the art and could produce stripy ice cream, much to the derision of a watching Andy Carver. He remonstrated with him, mis-quoting Karl Marx by saying "ice cream is the opium of the people" and slapping Andy down as a "know-it-all" when he put him right. He complemented Michael on his wrist action, saying that he was one on the best in producing a whippy ice cream.

He then shared a bacon butty with Michael and Andy in Roy's Rolls as Michael waxed lyrical about Gail and the two men told him to go and tell her how he felt about her but, following some bad advice from Sally Metcalfe and Mary Taylor, she rejected his advances.