New old inn

1975: The Rovers regulars descend on the inn when Coronation Street is evacuated

The New Old Inn was a Newton & Ridley pub situated close to the Rovers Return. The brewery built the watering hole on the site of an old inn, hence the name. The old premises were described by Minnie Caldwell as very poky, and nearly everyone agreed that the replacement with its rustic theme and carpeted interior marked a vast improvement. The only detractor was Ena Sharples, who found the milk stout weak and believed that there was no underfelt under the carpet. Upon hearing barmaid Kim Spencer using a microphone to call a customer to the bar to collect their order, Ena cynically commented that the district had turned into "megaphone land" overnight.

In October 1975, a fire at the Mark Brittain Warehouse caused Coronation Street to be evacuated. A refuge was set up at Bessie Street School, but naturally the residents' instinct was to seek out the nearest boozer and set up camp. Landlady Ginny Spencer, who ran the New Old Inn with her daughters Tracey and Kim, ended up with most of Annie Walker's regulars descending on her. Upon arriving at the establishment, Annie had a dry sherry with Ginny and complimented her house, remarking that it "suited the area". Knowing precisely what Annie meant, Ginny agreed with her fellow Lady Victualler, remarking that it was much too posh for her neck of the woods.

It was at the New Old Inn that Len Fairclough and Ken Barlow learned about Edna Gee's death in the fire from the police and passed the news onto her friend and workmate Ivy Tilsley, who was faced with the task of informing Edna's husband Fred.

The New Old Inn was described as being the closest pub to the Rovers, a characteristic normally attributed to The Flying Horse. Its precise location wasn't stated but a 1976 map of Weatherfield printed in the TV Times gave its location as Rosamund Street. It was seen in Episode 1536 (6th October 1975) and Episode 1537 (8th October 1975).

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