The Newspaper Reporter for the Weatherfield Gazette covered the story of Alec and Bet Gilroy's lock-down of the Rovers Return and battle against Newton & Ridley in June 1990.

Accompanied by photographer Eric, the reporter called at the Rovers after hearing that they'd declared war on the brewery. Alec downplayed the state of hostilities between them, but refused to say more until Bet joined them as she had scurried upstairs to make herself glamorous after hearing that a photographer was present. After wrongly assuming that barmaid Tina Fowler was Mrs. Gilroy, the reporter was informed of the situation by Alec and that she could be a while...

When Bet finally joined them, the Gilroys were interviewed in the bar, the reporter half listening to them and half looking on in amazement at Eric flirting with Tina while taking her pictures, getting her address by using the pretext of sending her copies. The reporter commented to the Gilroys that he wished he'd never bothered learning to read or write. He then concluded the interview, promising them the front page barring tornadoes.

Before leaving the Street, the reporter paid a visit to 1 Coronation Street to get Deirdre Barlow's version of the story, as the changes to the Rovers hinged on Deirdre selling her house to the brewery. Deirdre refused to comment, but allowed them to photograph the house from the outside.