First appearance 6th August 2012
Last appearance 24th October 2012
Number of appearances 3
Played by Greg Kelly

Niall was a drug dealer who supplied Ryan Connor with cocaine. He met up with Niall in a ginnel where he brought some drugs before going to a gig. Several days later, Niall turned up at the Street Cars cab office where Ryan worked, asking for a discount cab claiming he had "packages to drop". Ryan told him to clear off but Niall tried to tempt him with some drugs. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Ryan's mother Michelle and Steve McDonald, the latter throwing Niall out.

Over the next few months, Ryan stopped taking cocaine under pressure from his mother. However, Ryan contacted Niall again when he went on a bender after finding out that girlfriend Tracy Barlow had been using him. Ryan and Niall met up at a bar where he sold Ryan some more drugs.

Actor Greg Kelly also played a drug dealer called Ricky in December 2007.

List of appearancesEdit


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