Nicholas Ferguson (born 2nd June, 1938) began his career in television when he joined Associated Rediffusion in 1963 and served as an art director on popular 1960s music programme Ready Steady Go! before establishing a career in directing in soap opera and television drama from 1967 onwards. For Coronation Street he directed 74 episodes including two episodes co-credited with Gareth Morgan from June 1979 to February 1994. His other credits include Ace Of Wands, Crown Court, Families, Hollyoaks and Family Affairs. Between 1985 and 1988 he was a producer/director for TV-AM.

Episodes directed by Nicholas FergusonEdit


1979 (6 episodes)


1981 (5 episodes)

1982 (4 episodes)

1983 (6 episodes)

1984 (11 episodes)

1985 (15 episodes)

1988 (15 episodes)

1989 (4 episodes)


1992 (6 episodes)

1994 (2 episodes)

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