Nicky Henson was born Nicholas Victor Leslie Henson in London on 12th May 1945, the son of the comedian Leslie Henson.

After a public school education, he trained as a stage manager at RADA and then appeared on stage himself as an actor with the Young Vic company. His long career since then has encompassed stage, film, theatre and television with notable roles in Fawlty Towers, EastEnders, A Touch of Frost and Minder. His film appearances include Hammeresque roles in films such as Witchfinder General and Psychomania while stage roles include Shakespeare, musicals and award winning plays in both the West End and on Broadway.

He appeared in the 1995 VHS spin-off Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special (a.k.a. The QE2 Cruise) as Count Henri de Vence who was later revealed to be Sid Clegg, a Birmingham man who was on entertainment's manager Alec Gilroy's books as a man employed to chastely seduce romantic middle-aged ladies, in this case, Mavis Wilton.

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