When Sally Webster was struck by the idea of her "talented" daughter Rosie having her name in lights and being a major singing, dancing and acting star, she gratefully accepted an offer from Rita Sullivan to put her in touch with Nicole Farnsworth who ran a stage school. Rosie was quickly enrolled and a couple of weeks later Nicole called at The Kabin with a number of flyers for a show at the school which Rita promised to display and which Sally eagerly passed round to those who would listen to her incessant chat about her prodigy as well as those wouldn't.

Kevin Webster was getting increasingly tired with Sally's obsession and when he came home from a hard day's work to find Rosie, Nicole and Rosie dancing in his back room, all the time being applauded by Sally while Fred Elliott filmed the display on his camcorder, he made his displeasure at the lack of a meal on the table known. Nicole and the other two guests left hurriedly while Sally chided Kevin over the embarrassment he had caused.