Nigel (Episode 6204)
Occupation Photographer
First appearance 11th January 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Craig Rogan

Nigel was the photographer from the Weatherfield Gazette who came to Websters' Auto Centre to take snaps of Tyrone Dobbs in January 2006. Tyrone had entered fiancée Maria Sutherland into a competition entitled "Surprise the Bride" - the first prize being a white wedding package - and was over the moon to be told that he'd reached the next round of the competition. Tyrone then rushed over to the Salon to get a photo of Maria, but had to tell her that he wanted something to put in his wallet. After handing Maria's photo over, Nigel told Tyrone that the pictures would be published in the weekend edition.

Credited as "Photographer", the character's first name was given in dialogue.

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