Occupation Boxer
Residence Tile Street, Weatherfield
Played by Unseen

Nigel was the boyfriend of Imogen - the daughter of Fat Brenda and the antagonist of the Coronation Street spin-off Street Car Stories. He arrived at Street Cars to pick up Imogen and could be heard revving up his car from outside. A couple of days later he dumped Imogen by phone, which promoted an angry Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney to phone him up challenging him to a fight for the way he had treated her. Imogen warned them that Nigel was a cage fighter and boxer but it was too little too late as, living in Tile Street, he turned up outside the cab office in a matter of minutes. This panicked Steve and Lloyd, however Brenda turned up and beat up Nigel for the way he had treated her daughter.

The character was unseen, although he revved up his car in Victoria Street and was heard when he got into a fight with Brenda. After Steve and Lloyd looked out of the window they described Nigel as "massive and covered in tattoos".

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