Nikki 2012
Occupation Check-out operator
Residence Flats on Bessie Street
First appearance 24th August 2012
Last appearance 24th August 2012
Number of appearances 2
Played by Amy Forrest

When Dev and Sunita Alahan's relationship hit rock bottom following the commencement of her affair with Karl Munro, he started to make things uneasy and difficult for her, refusing to look after the children when she asked him. He went on a date, meeting cash and carry check-out operator Sam in the Rovers and was shocked when Sam's friend and work colleague Nikki also came along. He begged Tyrone Dobbs for help, asking him to look after Nikki thereby leaving him and Sam alone together. Tyrone agreed so long as they didn't go on somewhere afterwards. Nikki was extremely taken with him when she was told that he ran his own business and the two played darts together at her suggestion. Trouble occurred though when Tyrone's recent ex-fiancée Kirsty Soames walked into the pub and saw them together. Tyrone ran after them leaving an annoyed Nikki behind. Sam had also found out that Dev was married as an amused Sunita looked on but it didn't stop them accepting more drinks from Dev. He realised the night was going nowhere and called the two girls a cab home.

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