Nipper harris
Nipper Harris
Occupation Physiotherapist
First appearance 17th March 1982
Number of appearances 1
Played by Micky O'Donoughue

"Nipper" Harris was the physiotherapist at the Weatherfield Rugby Club who in March 1982 was hired by Annie Walker to look after Fred Gee when he was bed ridden after falling down the cellar steps in the Rovers. Nipper was under orders from Annie to find out if Fred's back was really as bad as he made out or, more likely, if he was just playing it up so he could claim compensation from the brewery. Annie and Bet Lynch got a good laugh when they introduced Fred to Nipper as Fred had been led to believe that the physiotherapist was a woman coming to give him a Swedish massage.

After finishing on Fred (leaving him in agony), Nipper let Annie know he'd passed players to perform at Wembley in worse shape than her potman. Annie then scared Fred into returning to work by pointing out that if he was to sue the brewery then he'd have to find another job - and home.

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