Nora Nicholson (7th December 1892 - 18th September 1973) appeared in the Between the Covers episode of the Coronation Street spin-off Pardon the Expression in April 1966.

This was but one small role in an extensive career that lasted many years and encompassed all mediums. Her earliest film appearances were in the 1930s and on the big screen she was best known for her parts in The Blue Lagoon (1949) and A Town Like Alice (1956). Her television repertoire grew in the 1950s with parts in adaptations of David Copperfield' and Precious Bane however she appeared in other series as diverse as Z Cars and The Avengers where she played in two memorable episodes five years apart - "Build a Better Mousetrap" and "Homicide and Old Lace", in both of which she played to perfection her standard role of a slightly dotty but endearing old lady. In was with such a part that achieved national and international fame as Aunt Juley Forsyte in the first half of the hugely successful BBC adaptation of The Forsyte Saga in 1967. Her last television role was for the corporation in their 1973 version of A Room with a View, transmitted five months before her death.

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