Noreen Kershaw

Noreen Kershaw (born 16th October, 1950) played the part of Tracey Spencer in two episodes of Coronation Street in 1975 and from 1996 to 2001 she was behind the cameras when she directed 74 episodes of the programme having been trained in the art of directing by legendary Coronation Street director, Brian Mills with whom she co-directed eight of her total tally. She returned to the programme from 2010 to 2013 with a further 51 episodes, making 123 in total. She is the only individual in the programme's history who has both appeared in and directed the programme.

She trained at the Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre and, at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre and was the first actress to play the role of Shirley Valentine. Her other directorial credits include Emmerdale, Shameless, Heartbeat and the feature film Act of Grace, while as an actress she appeared in Albion Market, Boys From the Blackstuff, Brookside, Life On Mars and the Granada comedy Watching.

Episodes directed by Noreen KershawEdit


1996 (21 episodes)

1997 (20 episodes)

1998 (20 episodes)

1999 (4 episodes)


2000 (3 episodes)

2001 (4 episodes)


2010 (5 episodes)

2011 (21 episodes)

2012 (20 episodes)

2013 (5 episodes)

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