Norman Lindley
Occupation Engineer
Residence Canada
Spouse(s) Florrie Lindley
First appearance 8th February 1965
Last appearance 2nd June 1965
Number of appearances 10
Played by Glyn Owen

Norman Lindley was the estranged husband of Corner Shop owner Florrie. He returned from working as an engineer India in February 1965 after several years of separation to reconcile with his wife. Ever since she had arrived on the Street, she had claimed she was a widow so the news of his existence surprised most of the residents. He immediately had a brief fling with Elsie Tanner, who was good friends with Florrie, because he had given up hope of reconciliation due to their long separation. After a short-term job in Iceland, he had plans to go to Canada permanently and asked a reluctant Florrie and then Elsie to go with him. Florrie got in first and agreed to emigrate upon his return.

In May 1965, he came back to assist her in the sale of the shop and with the move to their new life, which they completed early in the following month.

List of appearancesEdit


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