The cheerful Nurse initially worked at the Ladybird Children's Hospital where Hope Stape went for an MRI scan after a lump was found in her abdomen. The nurse told Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs that everything had gone well and they just needed to do some more observations and then they could go, the results being available in a couple of days.

By October 2016 she was working in A&E at Weatherfield General when an injured Anna Windass was brought in. A car driven at high speed by David Platt had crashed, hitting his own daughter Lily and her rescuer Gary Windass. David had been trying to get to the Weatherfield Crown Court in an attempt to kill Clayton Hibbs who had knifed his wife, Kylie, to death. The residents lifted the vehicle off the two but leaked petrol ignited, badly burning Anna. Gary and Kevin Webster accompanied Anna to the hospital but were prevented from entering the treatment room. The nurse told them not to worry and that she was in good hands.