Nurse 7490
First appearance 13th December 2010
Last appearance 15th July 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Denise Kennedy

The unnamed Nurse worked at Weatherfield General and was on duty in December 2010 when Jack Dobbs was taken in after being trapped in the rubble of the Corner Shop with his dying mother Molly following its demolition by a tram, derailed off the viaduct after a gas explosion in The Joinery bar underneath. Jack was taken in for observation, following which the Nurse returned him to Tyrone, dubbing the infant a “miracle baby”.

The nurse was also on duty when Peter and Leanne Barlow were told that the latter had miscarried in July 2011.

The character was jointly credited in Episode 7490 (13th December 2010) along with a similar character played by Sarah Totty as "Nurses".

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