Nurse 7412
First appearance 27th August 2010
Last appearance 4th December 2015
Number of appearances 3
Played by Emma Bispham

When young Aadi Alahan suffered a small fall when playing with Simon Barlow and knocked his head in August 2010, it developed into a haemorrhage and he was rushed to Weatherfield General. There, neurosurgeon Mr Jordan carried out an MRI scan which showed up the haemorrhage. He told Dev and Sunita Alahan that there was extra pressure on the child’s brain and that they would need to operate. The operation was successful and Aadi was stable but a problem occurred when his Nurse spotted strange bruises on the child’s shoulders, alerted Mr Jordan, and the child protection unit were called in to investigate.

Five years later, she nursed Sarah Platt when she had been knocked over when drunk by Tim Metcalfe. Her tests showed that she was pregnant and a horrified Sarah realised the father could only be the deceased gangster Callum Logan. The nurse told her to lay off the drink now that she knew she was pregnant and promised not to reveal to any of her visitors about her condition.

Later, she told Sarah that she was being kept in for one more night to ensure that she was absolutely fine and offered to get her a copy of her scan photograph for the father. Sarah refused, saying that there was no way she'd be telling him the news now.

List of appearancesEdit



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