Nurse (Episode 4892)
Occupation ICU nurse
First appearance 15th September 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Beverley Ann Ross

The Nurse worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Weatherfield General and in September 2000, was on duty when Steve McDonald was admitted after being subjected to a vicious beating by thugs at the instruction of Jez Quigley.

Already a long history between the two men, Jez was angered by the fact that Steve had given evidence against him as he stood trial for the murder of Tony Horrocks. Even though he was acquitted, Jez was looking to regain the upper hand by whatever means possible. After learning of the attack, Steve's father Jim went round to his flat to confront him and Jez also ended up in hospital from injuries that Jim inflicted upon him.

Still intent on settling a score, Jez found his way to the Intensive Care Unit and threatened to detach the equipment. In a struggle to prevent Steve raising the alarm with the panic button, Jez suddenly collapsed at his bedside after he ruptured his spleen.

Eager to find out what had happened to Jez, Steve led the nurse to believe that the pair were best friends and genuinely concerned for him. However, when she finally came back to the McDonalds with news, it was to tell them that Jez became really ill and died on the way to the operating theatre.

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