Nurse (Episode 5183)
Occupation Maternity Unit nurse
First appearance 28th December 2001
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andrea Harvey

The unnamed Nurse was on duty in the maternity unit of Weatherfield General after Emma Watts had gone into labour three weeks' prematurely and gave birth to a baby boy at home on Boxing Day, 2001.

With husband Curly and neighbour Norris Cole on hand to assist with the delivery, Emma and the baby were taken to hospital as a matter of routine, but the Nurse was confident that as there were no complications, mother and baby would be discharged as soon as the doctor had done her rounds. Initially worried about being able to go back home so soon, the nurse tried to take Emma's mind off things by suggesting that they should think of a name for their new addition.

Shortly before leaving the hospital, Emma and Curly decided to call the child Ben, a shortened version of "Benjamin" - Norris's middle name.

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