Nurse (Episode 7196)
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 30th October 2009
Last appearance 30th October 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jane Hogarth

The unnamed Nurse was one of the medical staff who attended to Tony Gordon after he was rushed into Weatherfield General in October 2009.

Having found Tony slumped outside The Kabin struggling to breathe, Roy Cropper phoned for an ambulance and accompanied him to the hospital. As Roy tried desperately to find a way of getting in contact with Tony's fiancée Maria Connor, (who was visiting her parents in Cyprus), the nurse was present when the Registrar approached Roy and informed him that Tony had suffered a heart attack.

With a long history of heart disease in the Gordon family, the Registrar asked if Roy would contact Tony's family and explained that although he was stable at present, he was gravely ill. At the patient's request, the nurse led Roy to his bedside in the Intensive Care Unit but following Tony's revelation that he killed Maria's late-husband Liam, Tony took a turn for the worse and, after summoning the medical team, the nurse led Roy out of the room. After explaining that Tony might not even make it through the night, she advised Roy to go home and get some rest.

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