Nurse 8707
First appearance 14th August 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Donnaleigh Bailey

The Nurse worked at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre where Leanne Tilsley took Simon Barlow when an angry tussle between the two ended up with the boy falling and badly cutting his arm. Simon was getting increasingly out of control following several personal tragedies in his life and Leanne had banned him from playing football due to his bad behaviour. When he tried to leave the flat, Leanne tried to physically restrain him, leading to the altercation.

The nurse told Leanne that the boy needed some stitches but they would use butterfly ones as they were less painful. Simon wanted to be seen alone but the nurse thought that that was because he wanted to demonstrate his bravery and assured Leanne that there was no permanent damage. When she brought the lad out of the treatment room, she repeated what she had just told Simon: that he wouldn't be playing football while his injury healed.

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