Nurse female ward
First appearance 3rd November 1969
Last appearance 5th November 1969
Number of appearances 2
Played by Anne Kidd

The Nurse in the female ward was one of the medical staff who looked after the residents who were admitted to hospital following the coach crash on the way back from the Lake District in November 1969.

After being hospitalised, the women interned in the ward were generally well behaved with one exception: Ena Sharples. Out of concern for her friends, Ena had insisted on being seen last in casualty, and ended up fainting and being brought to the ward in a wheelchair. As she ordered the irascible pensioner into bed, the nurse warned her that she would "cop it when the dragon comes breathing fire at you", referring to the ward sister. Later, when Ena was holding vigil at a poorly Minnie Caldwell's bedside, she tried in vain to get her to rest. The matter was referred to Doctor Matthews, who asked the nurse to send Ena to him so that he could set her mind at ease over Minnie. When Ena demanded that the doctor come to see her instead, the nurse momentarily lost her rag, reminding Ena that it was Bonfire Night and the doctor had been on duty for 14 hours. Shamed, Ena apologised and left to respond to the summons.

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