Nurse (Flo Wilson)
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 21st January 2008
Last appearance 13th May 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Flo Wilson

The unnamed Nurse worked at Weatherfield General and was on duty in the Accident and Emergency department when Ryan Connor and Alex Neeson had been brought into hospital in January 2008. Alex had seen Ryan hanging around outside his house and, wanting to know what he was doing there, Ryan explained how they had been swapped at birth. The two boys ended up fighting in the road and had both sustained minor injuries.

Michelle Connor and Steve McDonald were first to arrive at the hospital after receiving a text message from Ryan and were told by the nurse that he had sustained minor cuts and bruises and Alex - who had been clipped by a car - had been taken to X-ray. She ushered Ryan into a cubicle to get cleaned up and then returned shortly afterwards to tell Wendy Neeson about Alex's injuries and offered to take her to the X-ray department.

In May 2009, the nurse was amongst the team looking after Colin Grimshaw after he had been admitted following a stroke. Fed-up with feeling helpless and threatening to discharge himself, the nurse pointed out that he was a sick man and didn't stand any chance of looking after himself properly as he couldn't even button-up his own shirt.

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