Nurse maria mescki
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 20th March 1989
Last appearance 22nd March 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Maria Mescki

The Nurse was one of the medical staff who looked after Rita Fairclough when she was hospitalised at Weatherfield General following an assault on her by Alan Bradley. Alan had attacked Rita and tried to strangle her when she confronted him about the loan he took out on 7 Coronation Street in her late husband Len's name. Alan was interrupted before he could kill Rita, and fled the scene, but Rita had already sustained severe injuries to her face and throat and spent nearly two weeks in hospital recovering.

Due to Jenny Bradley's constant vigil at Rita's bedside, the nurse assumed her to be Rita's daughter, despite Rita correcting her on the subject. Rita admitted to Jenny that she didn't mind the error as she looked upon her as if she were her daughter.

The Nurse was also credited in Episode 2868 (26th September 1988) but didn't appear in the episode.

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