Nurse (Zoe Iqbal)
Occupation Hospital Nurse
First appearance 22nd April 2010
Last appearance 13th January 2012
Number of appearances 2
Played by Zoe Iqbal

Tyrone and Molly Dobbs were involved in a car crash on moorland in April 2010 after the brakes of their car failed, the task of fixing them not having been completed by Kevin Webster and Tyrone having taken the car, not realising that this was the case. A pregnant Molly was cut free by the emergency services and taken to Weatherfield General where the Nurse took Tyrone away from his wife as she was being examined in casualty in order that he could be checked out also.

In January 2012 the nurse was on duty when Kirsty Soames had been involved in a road traffic accident - namely ploughing into the back of Tyrone's car, which was being driven by Tina McIntyre. Whilst being treated in hospital, Kirsty had revealed she was pregnant. Although the pair had recently split-up, Tyrone felt guilty and went to visit Kirsty - only to discover that she wasn't in the ward upon his arrival. The nurse told Tyrone that she'd go and check where Kirsty was, but as soon as the nurse left, Kirsty arrived back to the ward in a wheelchair, explaining that she'd been to another department for a couple of tests.

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