Nurse Brown
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 5th March 1973
Last appearance 7th March 1973
Number of appearances 2
Played by Moira Hughes

Nurse Brown was one of the medical staff who took care of Albert Tatlock when he was hospitalised in March 1973. Albert had been gassed by a newly installed cooker at 1 Coronation Street. The cooker had been installed by Jerry Booth, but it hadn't been sealed properly.

Speaking with Ken Barlow who was keeping vigil at Albert's bedside, the dark-haired nurse learned that Ken's wife had died in another domestic tragedy and that he feared history was repeating itself. Attempting to comfort the pessimistic teacher, the nurse told him that Albert had a very good chance. After a week in hospital, Albert was put on the danger list. but he managed to pull through and make a full recovery.

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