Nurse hadfield
Nurse Hadfield
Occupation Nurse
Birthplace Scotland
First appearance 7th September 1964
Number of appearances 1
Played by Madeleine Christie

Nurse Hadfield was a tough, sharp-tongued Scottish nurse who made a housecall at the Corner Shop after shopkeeper Florrie Lindley had a nervous breakdown and smashed a window in September 1964. Annie Walker, a prior patient of Hadfield's, described the woman as a barbarian, telling Hilda Ogden that she found Hadfield so lacking in understanding when she was on the verge of a breakdown that she got better quickly just to get rid of her.

Hadfield lived up to her reputation; on her arrival at the shop, she first asked Charlie Moffitt what he was taking for his dental alveolitis (much to his confusion) and then started on Florrie, making her get out of bed so she could make it and then disallowing Ena Sharples from giving Florrie some hot broth she'd made for her. Hadfield proved that she was even a match for Ena, telling the argumentative pensioner that Florrie didn't need neighbours poking their nose in. She later called at the Rovers Return to fetch Hilda Ogden as Florrie had asked for her, entering the establishment just as Annie was talking about her.

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