Nurse Dawson
Jackie Dawson
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 15th December 2003
Last appearance 17th December 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lyn O'Hara

Nurse Dawson was on duty at Weatherfield General when Martin Platt was brought in after he crashed his car in December 2003. Craig Harris had caused the accident when he tampered with the brakes of his car in a desperate attempt to split up Martin and his sister Katy whose relationship had pulled the family in two. Craig was ridden with guilt and confessed his crime to his father who gave chase in their car when Martin drove off, trying to get him to stop and pull over. When the brakes failed, Martin crashed into a wall. With petrol leaking from the vehicle, Tommy pulled Martin to safety before the car exploded and he was taken to hospital unconscious.

When Martin had been assessed by Mr Shafi, he was assessed as critical but stable and hooked up to a ventilator. The Platt children fought over whether they should see him ahead of Katy but Gail decided that David and Katy ought to have precedence. Nurse Dawson, who knew Martin professionally, came into his room as the two youngsters bickered and tried to speak words of comfort but only made matters worse when she mistook Katy for being Martin's daughter.

After Katy spent the night sleeping at Martin's bedside, Nurse Dawson woke her with the good news that he was now breathing on his own. When porter Todd Grimshaw later asked how Martin was, she told him that she wasn't allowed to discuss patient's health with anyone not of the immediate family - and then proceeded to do just that!

The character was credited as "Nurse Dawson" on her first appearance and "Nurse Jackie Dawson" on her second.

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