Nurse Kaye
Occupation District Nurse
First appearance 17th March 1975
Number of appearances 1
Played by Abby Hadfield

In February 1975, Stan Ogden felt suddenly dizzy while carrying out his window cleaning round and collapsed in the Street. On doctor's orders he went into hospital where he was tested and diagnosed with otitismedia - disturbed balance.

Unable to work whilst ill, Stan received visits at home for several weeks from the district nurses. While somewhat sympathetic to Stan's plight, Hilda was livid that they would only receive reduced social security benefits as Stan hadn't paid his National Insurance for six months and that he did little housework while she had four cleaning jobs. She therefore took sadistic delight when Nurse Kaye called at No. 13 to give Stan an injection which she told him could only be given in his "posterior". Stan urged Hilda to go out to work quickly but she insisted she had plenty of time and watched with a grin as he sheepishly dropped his trousers…

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