Nurse Muprhy worked at Weatherfield General and was responsible for the welfare of Sally Webster when she underwent a lumpectomy in January 2010. After ascertaining that Sally's blood pressure was normal and carrying out other checks, she explained that the Anaesthetist would be along to see her soon.

Once the procedure had been carried out, the nurse found the anxious relatives in the waiting area, explaining to the family that the operation had been a success and told them that Sally was back in the ward and was well enough for them to go back in to see her.

Five years later she was working on casualty when Leanne Tilsley was brought in with cuts and bruises. They had been caused by Simon Barlow who had started to attack his mother following several years of a traumatic childhood. Nurse Murphy had seen similar injuries to other women and told Leanne that help was available to her. Zeedan Nazir had accompanied her to the hospital and the looks that the nurse threw his way showed that she plainly suspected him of attacking Leanne. When Zeedan questioned a small pile of leaflets that the nurse had left with Leanne, she told him the truth about Simon's behaviour.

The character was credited as "Nurse" in her first two appearances.

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