Nurse purcell
Nurse Purcell
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 17th July 1978
Number of appearances 1
Played by Christine Moore

Nurse Purcell was on duty at Weatherfield General when Brenda Summers was admitted with facial injuries in July 1978. Purcell told Emily Bishop, working as an orderly at the hospital, that Brenda had come in with similar injuries before and always had an innocent excuse, like falling down the stairs or walking into a door. The Nurse felt sure that her husband was knocking her about but the woman was quiet as she waited to see a doctor, giving nothing away. The conversation prompted Emily to take an interest in Brenda and led to Emily sheltering her against her abusive husband John.

The Nurse also complained to Emily that she'd been left to hold the fort as the ward sister was away again.

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