Nurse Vine worked in Weatherfield General and attended to two people connected with the residents of Coronation Street.

The first was Nick Tilsley as he recovered from head injuries sustained in a road crash. This had been caused by his half-brother David Platt who for several weeks was off the hook as Nick had lost his memory of the event. Nurse Vine entered his room to take his temperature just after he had told David that his memory had returned but he was still not strong enough to confront him and fell into another deep sleep. To pass the time, Nurse Vine chatted to David about his relationship with Nick, saying that she and her sister Jackie were always falling out. David wanted to know if Nick would have a full recovery or would have permanent brain damage and she replied that he would appear confused, particularly in the early stages of his recovery. Feeling guilty, David pressed the nurse about the details of her relationship with her sibling and was told that they fell out over Jackie taking a boyfriend of hers. She was forgiven but Nurse Vine described that as the worst decision of her life.

A few days later, as Nick's recovery continued apace, he demanded to see a doctor and grew impatient with the nurse as she stalled him by saying that one would be round in the afternoon. Leanne Tilsley, arriving for a visit, heard Nick getting angry with her and worried that the personality change was due to his injury. She apologised to the nurse and was assured that he was making good progress.

A year later, Kylie Platt brought an ill and virtually unconscious Gemma Winter into the casualty department where Nurse Vince was on duty. The girl had collapsed in The Dog & Gun after taking drugs and Callum Logan drove them to the hospital rather than have the emergency services come to the pub and then ask awkward questions. Nurse Caroline Caddick saw through any pretence that Kylie made that she didn't know what was wrong with her friend and told her that she had to tell them the truth as Gemma was in a bad way. Kylie told her about the drugs and Nurse Vine told Caroline to put Gemma in bay four where Doctor Newall would examine her.

The character was credited on "Nurse" for her first two appearances.

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