Nurse Whittaker
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 13th August 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by Helen Rappaport

Nurse Whittaker was one of the medical staff that looked after Elsie Howard when she was hospitalised in 1973. Elsie had caught a train to London to visit her son Dennis who was in Pentonville Prison. After returning to retrieve her handbag which she had left on a park bench, Elsie was knocked down by a taxi. She suffered a frontal fracture of the skull and severe concussion. Nurse Whittaker had been on duty when Elsie had been brought in and had been identified by someone she only knew as "Dennis". She unwittingly passed this information on to Alan Howard when he followed his wife down to London. He suspected that his wife had been seeing her old boss Dennis Maxwell, who he mistakenly thought she was having an affair with. When Elsie came round after four days, the nurse was with her and told her that Alan had come down the previous night while the man himself was in a bar getting drunk, thinking that his marriage was over.

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